There are many oil cartridges or Cartridge Cap Press out there but oil-based cartridges have emerged to be among the best. If you are a beginner and you do not know where you can get started, it is best if you tried utilizing an oil-based cartridge for the following reasons
It is easy to use
The number one reason that makes oil-based cartridge the best or preferred by many is that they are always easy to use. With this kind of cartridge, you will surely avoid guesswork. As compared to other methods of consuming cannabis oil, vape cartridges require little to no knowledge and effort. All you need to do is press the button and inhale it.

They are portable
Another thing that is making vape cartridges the best is because of how portable they can be. Oil-based cartridges are known to be among the best ways to enjoy cannabis. Their minimalist and sleek designs allow the users to carry them wherever they go. Apart from that, they are the perfect equipment for discreet vaping. As compared to those with huge setups producing noticeable odor and smoke, oil vape cartridge is known to be discreet.
The dosage
Another thing that makes oil-based top-tier quality cartridges the best is because of the dosages. We all know that cannabis dosage can be a major concern especially for uninitiated cannabis oil concentrates consumers. You can be excited to get started by end up with an overwhelming experience. No one wishes to have such an experience when they are just trying to enjoy something. With oil vape cartridges, you can have your dosage customized. You are the one who is in charge of how much cannabis oil you wish to consume. That control is what makes it the best.