Tezo coin would be your best investment to be created; the tezos has been Developed by Morgan Stanley, analyst Arthur Breitman, millions of dollars were collected in the form of bit coins in just two weeks, that Restore tezos ico fundraiser set tezos to the main ICO’s (preliminary coin offering) because the highest raised funds. The Best Way to get your Tezos out of ICO or Tezbox ICO restore, although the Tezo ICO ended Quite a Long Time ago, There’s Still a luck that has Not yet Been activated at all, so to regain or revive your tezos in the ICO, you may perform the following things

The best way to renew your tezos from your Tezbox ICO account?
Desire to reestablish your tezos,
Open the Chrome or Firefox and then go to the tezos internet site and put in the background variant or simply make use of the internet wallet, then anything is effective

After you get into the Tezbox ICO accounts you can either restore or produce a fresh account
should you would like to recover your pocket out of the ICO you only have to simply click restore

you’ll have various techniques to restore your wallet, then you can restore it either from a seed term, or from your private key, or even a ICO wallet, and also you ought to select the last 1.

Subsequently input the Compulsory information on the site, such as the seed duration , password and email address from the Tezbox ICO accounts, this measure does not need any activation code

The last thing: Tezbox will Request a password to encrypt the entire wallet and if any thing has gone well You’ll be in a Position to revive your tezos from the Tezbox ICO account

Buy your tezos and Begin investing and Make cash, remember your Document so that you can obtain the Tezo wallet again, normally you will need to animate it all over again.

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