permanent residency in canada is a dream comes true for those people who want to live and settle in a country where there is no racism and no religious and ethnic discrimination. You can live in a welfare state where all the citizen’s civil and religious rights are protected by the government and law enforcing agencies. Canada is a growing economy with opportunities for business community and people who have a skill set and are qualified with international recognized degrees. Once you follow the immigration path to become citizen of Canada you can become an honourable citizen with free education right for all, medical coverage and a house to live in for those who follow the immigration path and eligibility process.

All this done by fast track visa process and scoring that will lead to permanent residency and becoming citizens of Canada.Canada is a welfare state and governed by government without prejudices.All the above is some of the benefit of being Canadian permanent resident.As the population of Canada is around 37 million it’s a country that is almost the same size of US it’s a key factor for the economic stability and opportunities that are available for those who would like to invest and want to work and stay in Canada and permanently plan to settle as a resident.

Once you become resident of Canada and with a Canadian passport in hand you are welcome to almost any country that you intend to visit.Canada is the most peace-loving country that stays neutral and keeps itself away from global politics and always keeps its integrity up high it’s the reason it remains top of the list. In top 5 countries of the world to live in the Canada remains in this list.