In times of This is the event of those owners and founders of SaSy Wine, who, in this year 2020, saw amid a pandemic the opportunity to begin a business.

Without anxiety To live the experience of appreciating a good Cabernet Sauvignon, you have to join its exclusive club.

There you Will enjoy obtaining the assortment of Wine with the various kinds of invoicing it offers. By the monthly Sa Sy Club monthly which bills you three bottles monthly moving on to the monthly bill with the membership of this Sa Sy Club VIP.

Likewise, The good wine connoisseur may choose the Sa Sy Club Monthly variety that provides up to four distinct bottles to be billed monthly.

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With this Billing system, the customer will get three bottles of wine charged four times per year in the Sa Sy Club quarterly. Contrary to the exclusive Sa Sy Club VIP which will exclusively bill you for four bottles of its finest wines times a year.

Adapting to The needs and tastes of its distinguished clientele of this wine bar, it also has at its disposal another method of obtaining the best wines. During Member SaSy, you may enjoy charging 12 distinct bottles each four times per year.

All these Entrepreneurial women also offer you the opportunity to join their sales staff through the hashtag # TEAMSASY #, lovers of good wine, and that wish to generate income.

Appreciating a Glass of Sa Sy wine is experiencing the satisfaction of a light drink for its low carbohydrate material, thought of this present woman who handles her figure.