When it comes to visiting a city, 24 hours is a very short time to explore the place. As a city has so many things to offer, so we prefer to take our time nice and slow before visiting the whole city. But sometimes situations are not in our favor, so we need to adapt the change and plan accordingly.
There are times when you only get to stay in a new city for one day. What will you do in that case? Just because you won’t be able to visit the city as you wanted, doesn’t mean that you will waste the last 24 hours and spend the time in your hotel room.

For example- if you are staying in Dubai for just one day, you need to make a small list of places you want to visit. You will also need to rent a car for the day. We strongly recommend you to rent a luxury car so that you will be able to enjoy the last 24 hours of staying in Dubai with style.
You can go online and look for rent ferrari dubai (if you are a Ferrari fan).
Hot air balloon ride in the morning
You can ride your Ferrari and go for the hot air balloon ride after you wake up in the morning. This choice won’t be so cheap, but it is a good decision and you will be able to see the whole city from it.
Historical neighborhood exploring
There is a historical city named ‘Bastakiya’ in Dubai. You can decide to explore this place as it is known to be Dubai’s past. You can always choose the ‘exotic car rental Dubai’ service for your day.
Visit the Abra
Abra is known to be a transport system in Dubai. It floats on the sea, you can choose to jump on one of it and you will be able to explore the city’s beauty.
Burj Khalifa
Another must place for you to visit in Dubai.

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