wheel rim protection dubai is where you can go for your car rim to be painted. But if you want to do it on your own, then it is okay. Once you have removed the old paint on the rim, and ensured that the wheel have been given a good blasting with a washer that is powerful so that it is clean, you will be ready to get the car paint spraying of the wheel.

While doing that, you have to be in a well ventilated location or do the work from outside and avoid humid weather. Close the wall surfaces and cover the floor if you will be working from indoors. You will have to get your various spray cans together and allow for some time to read the instructions from the manufacturer so that you have methods and timings clear in your head.
Apply a primer coat: Before you start the job, you will have to cover the valve stem with tape which will prevent it from getting clogged. Apply 2 to 3 primer layers on the rims, allow them to dry completely before you do the next layer.
Apply your main/base paint: Once you notice that the primer is dry, read the instructions on the paint can and follow them to the latter so that you apply the required number of layers. You should avoid getting too close to the wheels with the can while spraying, as it could cause the paint to run. You have to allow each layer to settle before applying the next.
Complete with the top coat: You will have to seal your excellent work with a final layer to ensure your paint job is protected and to be able to add a lovely gloss to your paint work. It is only when you find that the top coat is completely dry is when you can go ahead and fix it to the car.